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Examples Of My Representative Matters And Results

Sale of dormant oil and gas refinery for $16 Million – through a contested Chapter 11 plan, which was appealed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. As a result of the sale, creditors were paid 100% of their claims, with a substantial return to equity holders.

Appointed by Bankruptcy Court to serve as Liquidating Trustee – to manage the sale of assets and operating restaurants, resulting in a return to creditors of over 50% of their claims.

Representation of purchasers – of oil and gas producing properties from Chapter 7 Trustee.

Successfully confirmed Chapter 11 Plan for steel fabrication business – restructuring several millions in secured debt.

Represented secured creditors – in negotiating favorable payment terms under a Sub-Chapter V Reorganization plan for Small Business.

Represented business owners – in discharging personal guarantees in Chapter 7 cases.